Authenticity Guarantee

Receive a complimentary 3rd party authentication with your purchase!


J’adore is proud to offer our customers with the ability to authenticate their purchase with an unbiased third party expert, free of charge!


Authenticity Guarantee: 

100% money back guarantee 


How it Works:

1. We will lock a zip tie with instructions to your item upon purchase. 

2. Buyer sends photos of the item to 3rd party authentication experts Authenticate Pro within 7 days of receiving 

3. An unbiased brand expert will authenticate the item, free of charge.



  • Free of charge! Other companies charge for authentication, while we offer this service complimentary for our customers. 
  • Unbiased 3rd party experts in each brand handle authentication, giving you peace of mind.
  • Download pdf file of authentication, increasing your future resale value of the item.